Hi, I'm Jules
My mission is to ignite the spirits of women, helping them to live, before they die by empowering them to reignite their spark and create a life they absolutely adore, by showing them that they matter.
Why am I so passionate about this journey? Well, my own path has been a winding one, marked by years spent feeling invisible and unworthy. From my earliest memories, I was bombarded with messages that I would never be good enough, that I was a nuisance, and that I would forever be a problem. These words took root within me, cultivating a deep sense of unworthiness and insignificance. The belief that I didn't matter became my constant companion, as I was reminded time and time again that I would never achieve anything.
As I ventured into adulthood, those deeply ingrained beliefs continued to shape my choices and cast a heavy shadow over my existence. I carried the weight of my past, convinced that life could never be any different. It took many stumbles, countless mistakes, before I finally realized that the power to change my life rested solely in my hands. I stood at a crossroads, faced with a choice: repeat the patterns of negativity or embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth.
Determined, I set out to dismantle those old beliefs, brick by brick, and create a life that defied my own limited expectations. It wasn't easy. Years of conditioning fought to keep its hold on me, but I pressed on, gaining profound insights into my actions, thoughts, and ingrained beliefs. It was a truly life-changing experience!
But it didn’t stop there. As I observed the struggles of friends and colleagues, I recognized that they too were ensnared in the same invisible trap that once bound me. They couldn’t see the deeply ingrained beliefs and patterns that governed their lives, leaving them doubting their own worth and trapped in negative cycles. I couldn’t stand by and watch them suffer, so I made a decision. I committed to acquiring the skills and knowledge to help them and others break free from their self-imposed limitations and create a life filled with love, joy, and limitless possibilities.

No more lonely struggles. No more silent suffering. Together, we will dismantle the walls of sadness, loneliness, and invisibility. I will walk beside you, providing unwavering support and guidance as you take those courageous steps towards freedom and happiness.

You don’t have to settle for a life that feels empty, despite its outward appearance. Happiness is not a privilege reserved for others. It’s time to release the fear that holds you back, to reach for your dreams with unwavering confidence, and to infuse every moment with a sense of fulfillment.

Together, we will rewrite your story. So let’s embark on this transformative journey, hand in hand, and unleash the extraordinary power that resides within you. The time for change is now, and I am here to guide you

What People Say
I was really struggling with Imposter Syndrome so I reached out to Julie. Since my session with Julie I have started to show up more and am doing things that I used to do. Thank you Julie!
Shari Ware

It's impossible not to warm to Julie's down to earth manner and her relaxed comfortable way she has with people. She is encouraging and motivational and has the warmest most genuine smile. Julie is an inspiration.
Lee Bradford

Julie's knowledge and experience have been a huge support to me as an individual and my business. I consider myself to be a stronger, more confident person thanks to her encouragement and advice. I can't recommend Julie enough.
Candy Randall

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