It’s not me – it’s them … Or is it?

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She made me angry.
They are making me sad.
Only he/she can make me feel loved.
She scares me.
How many times do you find yourself saying phrases like this?
I wonder how many more times you think it, tag teamed by your feelings, you experience the emotions very strongly.
You then live your life based on these “truths”.
You become angry at another person.
You avoid someone.
You cling to another.
You hide your thoughts/feelings from another.
Yet how often is it true? Another person “makes” you feel something?
Perhaps you could take a little time to notice maybe sometimes you shout at a person because of the state of mind you are in.
Perhaps you are bothered by what a person said or did one day, yet on another you just ignored it.
Maybe you are living your life through a simple misunderstanding, while there is influence from other people, places, and items, ultimately it is your thoughts about said person/place/item that creates your feelings and experience about them.
I am super curious about what you could see from a different perspective if you checked in with your thinking before you fix an opinion and see if anything could look different.
If you would like to know more about this please feel free to message and let us have a chat, if you are struggling perhaps we could discover how your life could be lived more light-hearted and simpler xx
Image credit the Inside Out Movie by Pixar


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